Saturday, 15 November 2008


I was last week I was invited to a Halloween to an Halloween party at my cousins house. During the whole day I was imagining how dreadful I would I look in a black gown and a mask.

The party was going to start at 6pm. However I was asked to wait at my aunts until then. Around 5pm my dad arrived at the same time as I was leaving to get my mask at Wallington high street.

While we was out we visited 3 shops which were Sainsbury, woolworths and clington. In Sainsbury and Woolworths we found nothing but in Clington we found a vampire coustume, which we bought. When we got home I got dressed and set of to pick up my mum. When we left one of my cousins was extremely

After picking up my mum we drove to my cousins house. There we played musical chairs, musical statues and do what your told. Next we had a little snack while the parents set up the sparkelers. After that it was time to go.


Wednesday, 29 October 2008


Computers have been invented for plenty of reasons such as for finding out news, sport or playing games but the main reason is for education. On the computer there are three or four websites for example Ask, Google or There is also a program called Word.

Word is a brilliant progam as you can write anything you want on it and even if you make a mistake or you misspell a word it would correct it for you kindly. One more thing word has is that it gives a variety of different ways you present your work.

Ask .com is a fabulous website where it gives you the meaning of absolutely any word. As well as that it gives you different webs linking in with your search.

Google is a website which is smiler to Ask but shares more information.
Another thing google has is that it gives imiges that makes your even more presentable.

The website answer can answers actually every question about any topic so if you ask whats 10-5= in 3 seconds it would answer 5. It also gives you clear and easy informatin so every can understand.

Now you see how important computers are for childres education.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

My cousin and I, were walking to Tesco when we heard a BANG. After we saw that a squirrel had fell from high up a tree. Then we made a plan to go back home and scare my mum and dad.

Once we reached home I told my mum what had happened and she was shocked. When we told my dad exactatly the same story all he said was good for the squirrel.